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Welcome to the Hidden Harbour Lagoons official community website! Use this website to communicate within the community, learn of future developments and of any other community updates. If you have any questions or concerns, please click on contact information at the bottom of this page. A password protected Member’s page is now available. This page contains more personal information (contacts, meeting minutes, financial information, etc.). Please contact us if you have an idea for information or communication to share.

Pool & Pool House

We received an insurance settlement for the hail damage of the pool house. The roof and all the siding have been replaced. The original siding was cedar and was replaced with cement board that will be more durable and less maintenance. The trim was painted and the pool house is ready for the summer. We are looking into painting the inside with some possible floor improvements.

Street Lights

All the lights on top of the light poles have been replaced by Brady Electric using the hail damage insurance settlement. All the light poles have been painted black to match the new lights. The new lights are more energy efficient and they are estimated to save about $1000 per year in electric cost.

News & Updates

The East Bay Channel Association is getting a survey completed on how much dredging will be needed. Applications for grants and permits will be submitted this year. The cost of the dredging will be dependent on grants and permits to allow us to dispose of the dredged soil. The dredging cost is being shared by Cedar Point, the condominium association, and our homeowners association. Cedar Point is responsible for 65%, the condominium association is responsible for 17.5%, and our association is responsible for 17.5%. We have some money set aside for dredging, but we will need more money depending on grant and permit approvals. Due to the low water levels we are working with the Condo association to pursue dredging Channel C (runs from DeMarco’s into Pipe Creek) this fall. For more information on the channels you can find the East Bay Channel Agreement on the Member’s Page.

The US Army Corp of Engineers has a website that has current and future forecasts for Lake Erie water levels. So far this year (March 2012) Lake Erie is up 12 inches from last year. They are forecasting Lake Erie levels being slightly lower than last year, but still above the long term normal level.

Annual Meeting

We had our last annual meeting at the Yacht Club on Wednesday May 29th, 2013.

Garbage, Yard Waste & Recycling

We changed our supplier of trash services. Allied Waste Services is providing us with 2 six yard dumpsters for trash and 8 blue trash cans for mixed recycling. Since we changed our scheduled pickup to Monday, Thursday, and Saturday we have reduced the overflow conditions we were getting on Sundays. If you have any grass clippings or yard waste please don’t put it into the trash dumpsters.


We recently added a Facebook page and are rapidly adding fans. If you have any pictures that you could share of our neighborhood please attach them to an email to contact@harbourlagoons.com.

Contact: contact@harbourlagoons.com